oppo A15s Best Value Cell Phone

Oppo Avanti 15S is the newest member of the Oppo A series. This device has a sleek body and runs on a quad core processor and has been powered by a 1.5GHz CPU. It has got a high resolution display, 5 MP camera with auto focus, a large dual tone flashlight, and a nineteen mega pixel camera lens. The Oppo Avanti S is equipped with Windows operating system. The Oppo Avanti 15S also comes with Bluetooth version and USB data cable.

Value For Money The price of the Oppo A15s oppo a15s is not cheap by any means. But then, it is not the reason that makes it a bad buy. In fact, this gadget is quite cost effective in its basic features and as it gets upgraded, the price automatically decreases. This gadget offers great value for money and if you are looking for a smartphone that has got everything in one, the Oppo A15s is just perfect for you.

Great Features The advanced connectivity options offered by the Oppo A15s allow for multiple connectivity options like MMS, infrared, HSDPA, USB etc. These are standard in most modern smartphones that come with a primary camera, and a rear camera. The good thing about the Oppo A15s is that it offers great value for money and is one of the fastest selling handsets. It comes with a fully functional Windows operating system, which means that it can act as your personal computer.

Amazing Value For Money Another amazing value packed feature of the Oppo A15s is that it comes with a high performance octa-core processor. With a processor that can perform dual core tasks, the A15s gives you the best of mobile processors. And with a generous amount of memory space, this mobile phone is truly one of the best in terms of storage space. You can store plenty of media and images and other files on this phone and still have plenty left space to carry on with your day to day activities. And with a large battery, the Oppo A15s image is for illustration purpose only.

Great Cameras With a 12 mega pixel camera on board, the Oppo A15s image is definitely for illustration purpose only. This phone has got the ability to capture clear pictures with a professional level of clarity. It has got an LED flash, which helps in illuminating the photo quickly. The camera has a decent resolution, but if you want to shoot with greater clarity and faster shutter speed, you have to buy some other phones. The auto focus in this camera is another great advantage of the Oppo A15s camera as it works well in all conditions.

The camera also has a great image stabilizer facility, which helps you get that professional shot without having to worry about the camera. It can work in slow motion too, so that you get that moving picture quality. But most importantly, with the great multi-point Auto Focus, you can take pictures of multiple subjects easily and get them to look just like they do in your picture editing software. This makes the Avanti 15s the ideal choice for kids, moms and professionals.

Posted by Oscar Wilde