Fundraising Ideas: The Advantage Of Sales Incentives

Whether or not you have formulated great and unique fundraising ideas for your fundraiser, the importance of your sales volunteers must not be overlooked. Without fundraiser for church ideas them, you will have to do everything; which is impossible especially for events such as fundraising. One of the most effective ways to boost their motivation to work is through the use of incentives.

In essence, a sales incentive is a reward in which your volunteers will look forward once they reach their target goals. Incentives are very effective motivators and they can easily induce action once you get to know how to use them correctly. First you must find out the age bracket of your sales volunteers. In this way, you will know how you are going to reward them appropriately. You cannot offer candy incentives to a bunch of teenagers or discount cards incentives to young kids. They won’t find it appealing enough for them to work hard which renders your incentives useless. Make sure that your incentives are appropriate for your age since these will help your volunteer team to become more motivated on their work.

The first major problem with incentive programs is that where you are going to get the money to fund them. You can’t directly get the money from your budget since you are raising funds in the first place, not spending them. This is where the incentive or prize programs of fundraising companies do their part. Many fundraising companies now offer these services since they have seen how important they are to the whole fundraising campaign. By going through these programs, you can save a lot more in comparison to doing it by yourself.

Ask your fundraising company about these programs since they are very helpful in the success of your fundraising event. Some of the best incentive prizes include gift certificates, discount cards or even the product that you are selling can be used. Always think through on how you can create the best possible set of incentive rewards which is not only effective, but also cost less. Make sure that everyone can benefit from your fundraising program – sales volunteers, merchants, sponsors, buyers, and everyone else involved in your fundraising program. Consider how your incentive program can help your fundraising event in the long run. Never resort to low-prized product packages if they are ineffective in motivating your team of volunteers. You will only waste money and effort in doing so.

Furthermore, a good incentive program should always pay attention to everything about your whole fundraising event. Look for incentive ideas that will have great impact on your team as well as other participants and sponsors of your program. For example if you are doing a school fundraiser, you can make your fundraising incentive program effective by including prizes such as school supplies, special event privileges, or an educational trip for the students. You can even give a portion of funds to the whole class as their class budget for doing a great job at the fundraiser. Even the teachers can benefit from the whole fundraising incentive program so that they can also be motivated to encourage his or her students to do better.


Posted by Oscar Wilde